The OPEN Classroom Online

"The Open Classroom takes a deep interest not just in the students' academic achievements, but also in their journeys in personal development." – Founders Agnes and Yvonne


Online Resources for The Open Classroom students


Welcome to The Open Classroom’s brand new online portal, created due to overwhelming demand for supplementary offerings. Go ahead and browse these great features we’ve assembled in the left hand sidebar:

Current Offerings: 

The Open Office Hours: Every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm we will host an Open Office Hour managed by one of our full time teachers! Students will be free to do their own personal writing and schoolwork under teacher supervision. Click on “The Open Office Hours” tab for more information on rules, sign ups, and availability!

The Open Workbook: Reinforce what your young writers learn in class with a new supplemental worksheet and reading recommendations for each level. Worksheets will be released every Saturday!


Congratulations to the winners of The Open Challenge, Jane Poon (WF0) and Rachel Tsui (WE3)! You can find both of their wonderful pieces at the links below.

Writing Foundation Winner: Jane Poon WF0

Writing Enrichment Winner: Rachel Tsui WE3


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